Bunny Big Ears as known as Pawlette Coufur to many fans, is one of the two mascot furry friends
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for Build-a-Bear Workshop. Bunny Big Ears was replaced by Lil' Bunny Big Ears a few years later. DescriptionEdit

Note: This was taken from Lil' Bunny Big Ears' page, because Bunny Big Ears' page is unavailable in these times (due to's update).

This cute stuffed bunny has unbearlievably soft fur and long floppy ears. Let the fun begin by making this furry friend that's stuffed with pawsonality! Personalize this bunny with teddy bear clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift.


Bunny Big Ears are known for their cheerful and caring personalities. They care a lot about their families and love to play all the time.



  • Despite this furry friend being modeled after Pawlette Coufur, the animal is not named after her, like Bearemy (bear) is named after Bearemy.


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